120 minutes of smoke resistance

Smokescreen Active S1

In a fire, smoke claims more victims than fire. Smoke curtains limit the spread of smoke to a certain area. The roller screens ensure that the smoke is sent in the right direction, from where it can then be efficiently removed. Smoke curtains form a key part of the fire safety of constructions such as parking garages and public buildings.

The smoke-resistant roller screen Smokescreen Active descends only when needed, on the basis of a signal from the fire control panel.

Smokescreen Active

Why Smokescreen Active S1?

  • 120 minutes (plus) of smoke resistance
  • Can be used in parking garages, public buildings, offices and industrial halls
  • Can be used in combination with a smoke and heat extraction system (SHEVS)
  • Tested and approved according to standard NEN-EN 12101-1
  • This smoke curtain can be used as a smoke-resistant corner solution (90 degrees) for areas such as escalators, atriums and lofts