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Smokescreen Active S1

Smoke-resistant roller screen 120 minutes

Smoke is risk factor number 1 in terms of fire safety. Hoefnagels Fire Safety is expanding its portfolio with the introduction of the Smokescreen Active S1. This smoke curtain limits the spread of smoke to a certain area and, in so doing, contributes to the protection of people and objects.


The smoke-resistant roller screen Smokescreen Active S1 is part of the fire safety of structures such as parking garages, public buildings, offices and industrial halls. The smoke curtain ensures that smoke is directed to the correct direction so that it can then be efficiently removed. What's more, this screen can be used as a smoke-resistant corner solution (90 degrees) for areas such as escalators and atriums.

The smoke-resistant roller screen Smokescreen Active S1 descends only when needed, in response to a signal from the fire control panel. The screen can be used exclusively in combination with a smoke and heat extraction system.

Tested and approved

The Smokescreen Active S1 is smoke resistant for at least 120 minutes. The curtain has been tested according to the NEN-EN 12101-1 standard. It also has a CE marking, so it complies with established EU rules.

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