Whitepaper Mobility scooter parking & fire safety

The prediction is that in 2030 there will be 600,000 mobility scooters in the Netherlands. It is clear that mobility scooters have great advantages for users. However, they can also pose a danger, namely if they are parked in residential buildings.

Every year dozens of these vehicles go up in smoke in the Netherlands. The dangers at a glance:

  • The battery. Charging may cause overheating, which may cause a fire. Flammable gases can also build up during charging.
  • The design. Mobility scooters largely consist of plastic, foam rubber and electronics, which together account for 600 to 1000 Megajoules in heating value.
  • Parking location. Where can you safely park a scooter, so that the escape route remains free?

Many building owners, VVEs and architects are very unclear about what is and what is not allowed. In short, a serious problem that is getting bigger every day.


We are therefore happy to tell you what is already possible to solve this and what steps you can take to offer scooter users and their immediate living environment a safe future.

Are you interested?

Download the Whitepaper Mobility scooter parking & fire safety here: whitepaper.

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