Fire-resistant roller door 240 minutes

Hoefnagels Fire Safety is expanding its product portfolio with a rolling door that offers 4 hours of protection in the event of a fire: the Firelock Radiation Twin. The door has an EW classification and offers maximum security for people, objects and buildings.

240 minutes of protection

The Firelock Radiation Twin offers exceptionally long protection in the event of a fire: 240 minutes. The roller shutter prevents the fire from spreading and protects people and objects against flames and heat radiation (EW classification, EN-1634-1). The Firelock Radiation Twin roller shutter is connected to the fire alarm system. After an alarm, the doors close and form a physical barrier. They are therefore an important part of fire compartmentalisation.

Format and Application

Every Firelock Radiation Twin rolling door is unique and is custom-made in the Hoefnagels factory. The maximum dimension is a width of 7,440 mm, with a height of 7,785 mm. This size is an important advantage for distribution centers in particular, because of the size of the industrial halls.

The Firelock Radiation Twin can be used both indoors/indoors and indoors/outdoors. The door can also, if desired, be placed in the outer shell of the building.

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