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Healthcare and fire safety

On Wednesday, September 27, 2023, De Zorg Brandveilig is organizing a unique conference on evacuating healthcare institutions. Fire prevention experts from Hoefnagels Fire Safety will join the conference.

Merely complying with legislation and regulations often does not lead to sufficient fire safety for healthcare providers. The behavior and characteristics of clients and patients pose additional risks for the occurrence of fire and evacuation in the event of a fire. Sector organizations Healthcare (BoZ) and the Netherlands Fire Department are encouraging the transition from a rule-oriented to a risk-driven approach to fire safety with the national program ‘’De Zorg Brandveilig’’ (Healthcare and fire safety).

The conference is all about evacuation. It is crucial for healthcare institutions to think thoroughly about evacuation and to prepare properly for it, because this can ensure that there are no casualties in the event of a fire.

Hoefnagels Fire Safety offers solutions wherever fire compartmentalization is necessary, especially for healthcare institutions. Mobility scooters are an increasing problem. They can pose a hazard when parked. Overheating can cause fire. And another problem: where are the mobility scooters safely located, so that the escape route remains clear? Hoefnagels offers solutions. You can read more about this in the white paper: Fireproof storage of mobility scooters.