Firedrive Radiation Telescopic: Fire-reisistant automatic telescopic sliding door 

With the Firedrive fire-reisistant automatic sliding door, Hoefnagels Fire Safety focuses on projects in which knowledge of fire resistance and regulations, as well as facade and door constructions, are important.

The passage height can reach a maximum of 3 metres, which gives ample opportunities for an entrance or passage in an architectural building. The sliding door is available with one wing, two wings, or as a telescopic door.

Why Firedrive Radiation Telescopic?

  • 30-60 minutes fire resistant
  • Suitable for applications with high frequency of use
  • Tested according to NEN 6069
  • Suitable for offices, industry and public buildings
  • Maximum opening size: 1,800 x 2,750 mm (wxh)