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Flexible building is the trend. After all, the wishes for the interpretation of a building are very different now than in the future. Reason enough to opt for flexible wall constructions. But such constructions were not suitable for the use of fire curtains. Was, because Hoefnagels Fire Safety introduced the first fire curtain that can be used on light wall constructions.

Firescreen Flame

The Firescreen Flame fire-resistant roller screen is the first screen on the market which has been successfully tested — according to the latest CE standards — on a flexible wall. The fire curtain is flame-resistant and meets the E criteria. In case of fire, the opening in the fire partition is closed, thus preventing the fire from spreading to adjacent rooms.

Firescreen Flame fire-resistant roller screen

The screen is ideal for creating fire subcompartments. In the Netherlands, this is subject to an E20 requirement. But if a heavier requirement is desired, a 60, 90 or even 120-minute fire-resistant curtain can be chosen.

Broadly applicable

Due to its low weight and minimum installation dimensions, the Firescreen Flame fire-resistant roller screen can be used in a wide range of applications. For example, projects in healthcare, education, offices and industry, but also the renovation or redevelopment of older buildings where space is often limited. It is the most compact fire curtain on the market and, moreover, a very cost-effective solution. Mounting is possible with an inside mount as well as on the wall.