Internal training smoke & fire safety

Due to the ever-changing national and international legislation and regulations, the matter is becoming increasingly complex. Not all knowledge is relevant to your industry or organisation. The focus of this training is therefore on the practical applicability of relevant knowledge about fire safety control at your organisation.

In this training course, concrete tools are provided to carry out the main elements of periodic smoke and fire safety inspections. The training will be attuned to the practice in your organisation, with which you will be confronted on a daily basis.

Who is this training for?

  • For anyone who must deal with fire safety in their daily work.
  • For the controlling persons who are responsible for the fire safety of the building.
  • For inspectors, consultants, architects, and facility managers who would like to learn more about fire and escape safety.

Is the training something for you?

  • You want to know how you can apply fire safety legislation and regulations within your organisation and be able to carry out inspections.
  • You want to be able to identify risks and be able to assess whether these risks are acceptable.
  • It is your ambition to be aware of possible fire hazards within your organisation and know what you can do to reduce or prevent these hazards.

The course consists of two parts:

1. Theory about fire safety

  • Practical knowledge about smoke and fire safety.
  • Is your company fire and/or escape safe?
  • The current legislation and regulations regarding fire safety.
  • Prevent or reduce risks around fire and escape safety.

2. Fire safety in practice

  • You will learn to apply the theory to your own organisation.
  • How do you determine whether or not certain constructional parts are sufficient?
  • The application of the main elements of periodic inspections.
  • Follow up on the results of the safety inspection.

Duration of training: The training is adapted to the needs of the company. The depth of the subject matter and the duration of the training are coordinated with this.

Cost: On request.

Result: After completing the training, you will be educated both theoretically and practically in the improvement of fire and smoke safety in your organisation. You can carry out a periodical inspection in your organisation and you know how to follow up on the results.