New product names

In order to have a better overview of our changing product range, we have added new names to some of our product series.

  • Firescreen: Fire-resistant roller screens
  • Firelock: Fire-resistant rolling shutters
  • Fireglide: Fire-resistant sliding doors
  • Firefront: Fire-resistant facades
  • Smokescreen: Smoke-resistant roller screens

Many products keep the names they already have. However, the Firescreen Smoke and various Firelock products will receive the new name.

Many of the curtains, shutters and sliding doors are already CE marked. The products below marked with * are still on the programme for CE marking. Each of the product series has a subdivision. For the sake of completeness, here is an overview of all 'doors':

  1. Firescreen Flame - CE marked
  2. Firescreen Radiation - CE marked
  3. Firescreen Temperature - CE marked
  4. Firelock Radiation Standard - CE marked
  5. Firelock Radiation Special - CE marked
  6. Firelock Radiation Conveyor Shutter - CE marked
  7. Firelock Radiation Protect - CE marked
  8. Fireglide Radiation - now Firelock BS60/BSL60
  9. Fireglide ASD - not covered by CE
  10. Fireglide ASE - not covered by CE
  11. Fireglide AST - not covered by CE
  12. Firefront Single - not covered by CE
  13. Firefront Double - not covered by CE
  14. Smokescreen