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Firescreen® Radiation Smoke Resistance Class Sa

The Innovation department of Hoefnagels Fire Safety has succeeded in adding an extra feature to the Firescreen® Radiation (EW) fire-resistant roller screen: smoke resistance in accordance with the Sa classification, also called 'cold smoke'. The standard Firescreen® Radiation screen is optionally available with this extra feature.

Sa classification

The Firescreen® Radiation (EW) fire-resistant roller screen passed the smoke/pressure test at the Efectis testing institute. The screen was awarded the 'Sa' designation (EN 1634-3). This means the screen is smoke resistant against cold smoke, i.e. at an ambient temperature of approximately 20° C. ‘’Sa’’ is mainly a requirement in new construction projects, and in some situations when renovating buildings.


Every Firescreen® Radiation fire-resistant roller screen is unique, and is tailor made in the Hoefnagels factory. The screen with the additional smoke resistance feature is particularly suitable for public buildings, museums, commercial buildings and industrial applications.

NEN 6075 standard

To increase flight safety, new requirements regarding smoke resistance came into effect in the Netherlands on 1 July 2021. The smoke resistance of structures is no longer determined on the basis of fire resistance (the one and a half times rule), but according to the new requirements in the NEN 6075 standard. This determines the required resistance to smoke passage between rooms. Smoke resistance is no longer expressed in minutes, but in two new classifications: Sa and S200. This classification mainly applies to new constructions.