24-hour service ensures safety and functionality of doors and roller screens

Despite the durable and solid character of our (fire) doors and fire curtains, additional maintenance or repair may be required. Collisions or rough handling can lead to damage or malfunction.

We offer a 24-hour service so that the safety and functionality of your (fire-resistant) doors and roller screens is guaranteed at all times. Our service department has service parts in stock and has fully equipped service buses with standard repair stock. In the event of a malfunction or damage, we can repair your door immediately in many cases.


Repairs or modifications to fire-resistant doors or screens must always be carried out by specialised companies because the maintenance of a regular commercial door differs from a fire-resistant one. It is of great importance to have modifications and/or repairs carried out by an expert company. Otherwise, you run the risk of invalidating the test report of the fire door or fire curtain. This can have far-reaching consequences in the event of a fire. Not only because your fire door may not function properly, resulting in a great deal of damage or personal injury, but also because the insurance company may decide not to pay in the case of damage caused by a fire.


We train our maintenance technicians ourselves, so that they have all the certificates, knowledge and qualities they need to carry out the servicing work responsibly. All our products are assembled in accordance with SCC** and ISO 9001 and are — where applicable — provided with a CE marking. You can also contact us for the maintenance and inspection of (fire) doors and fire curtains of a manufacturer other than Hoefnagels Fire Safety.


Occasionally, a technician may not be able to carry out the commissioning of the fire door or the fire curtain at the time of installation. The reason for this is that a definitive power supply and/or the dismounted and tested red fire alarm cable from a fire alarm system was not present when the fire door or curtain was fitted.

Keeping the installation out of operation prevents damage to the fire door or fire curtain and/or the PCB in the control box. It is, of course, vital to have the installation up and running on time.