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Annual maintenance 2024

Don't wait until it's too late and schedule annual maintenance for fire-resistant doors, shutters and screens. Through inspection and maintenance you ensure that the building and the people who work in it are optimally protected in the event of fire.

Fire-resistant doors/screens only do their job if they are properly maintained and checked regularly. It is therefore crucial that they are inspected annually by specialists, such as the professionals from Hoefnagels Fire Safety.

What do we do during an inspection?

  • We check the doors/screens for wear and damage.
  • We adjust the hinges.
  • The seal is checked to ensure it still seals properly.

If problems are discovered during maintenance, they can often be resolved immediately. This way we guarantee the effectiveness of the doors/screens/shutters.

Don't wait and schedule annual maintenance. Do you want advice? For example, about a Multi-Year Maintenance Plan? Please feel free to contact us via:
☎️ +31 13 4625958
📧 keuring@hoefnagels.com