Firelock Radiation Protect:
Fire-resistant and burglary-resistant rolling door

Hoefnagels Fire Safety has developed the Firelock Radiation Protect fire-resistant and burglary-resistant rolling shutter in-house. This can be applied excellently in situations where both burglary and fire resistance have priority, as these properties are combined in one product for these doors.

Roldeur Brandw Inbraakw Bd120 Protect

Firelock Radiation Protect

    • Product sheet
    • Fire resistant for up to 60 minutes on both sides
    • EW classification (standard EN 1634-1)
    • Max surface area: 8,000 x 8,000 mm (w x h)
    • Suitable for: industrial and office buildings, accommodation buildings, and in buildings with a high risk profile, such as museums, banks and airports.
    • Burglary resistance: RC4 according to EN 1627; WK4 in accordance with NEN 5096