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Collaboration with Winlock

The Belgian Winlock and Hoefnagels Fire Safety announce that they will be working together as of today. The product ranges of Winlock and Hoefnagels complement each other and they therefore expect to reinforce each other.

In addition to the current Hoefnagels range of Firescreen® fire-resistant roller screens, smoke screens, Firelock® roller shutters, (automatic) sliding doors, wicket doors and facades, the Winlock range will be supplementary for the industry and distribution center market segments. Winlock offers a.o. fire-resistant sectional doors from EI1 60 to EI1 240, with additional applications such as liquid barrier and burglary resistance. As of today, Hoefnagels offers these Winlock products on the Dutch market.

In addition, Hoefnagels will also take care of the maintenance and repairs of Winlock products.

Winlock will in turn represent Hoefnagels on the Belgian market. They will operate in Belgium alongside the other existing partners of Hoefnagels Fire Safety and in addition to Hoefnagels' own team.

Gijs Hoefnagels, director of Hoefnagels Fire Safety: ''The big advantage for customers is that they can go to one and the same professional supplier, one point of contact, for a very complete product range. We look forward to working together and are convinced that this will create opportunities and open up markets.”

Winlock and Hoefnagels Fire Safety both have a long track record when it comes to structural fire safety and both have their own innovation department and production location.

More about both companies:

Hoefnagels Fire Safety is a unique total supplier in the field of fire safety. A team of professionals advises on the optimal solution and designs, manufactures, installs and maintains a full range of fire-resistant barriers. Hoefnagels products can be found everywhere: in production companies, warehouses, offices, hospitals, airports and museums. Wherever fire compartmentalization is necessary, Hoefnagels Fire Safety offers solutions.

Innovation is a core value of Hoefnagels. Achievement: Hoefnagels was the first in the Netherlands to market a fire-resistant roller screen made of technical textiles that meets all the requirements of the Building Decree: Firescreen®.

Hoefnagels Fire Safety is a family business with a history dating back to 1884 and has the predicate 'Purveyor to the Royal Household'. This reflects the quality, reliability and continuity of the company.

Winlock is very versatile as a partner in fire compartmentalization, extremely flexible and with a sustainable competitive vision in which quality and innovation are their driving forces, with an emphasis on vertical integration.

Winlock thinks along with the customer, in any sector, in any application and is happy to put their knowledge and expertise at the service of the customer in order to offer the best possible product in a problem-solving manner. Because every sector has different requirements and every customer has specific needs, all products are tailor-made.

Winlock offers a total package that accurately responds to the wishes of the client.