Friesland Campina 3

Friesland Campina

Hoefnagels Branddeuren has a sustainable relationship with Friesland Campina. In recent years, fire-resistant doors have been installed at various locations in the Netherlands. From fire curtains to rolling doors and sliding doors.

Friesland Campina uses conveyor belts. As the conveyor belts pass through a fire barrier, the opening in the wall must be sealed in case of fire. Firescreen® fire-resistant roller curtains were used for this purpose. Due to their limited dimensions, these curtains are excellent for use in combination with a transport system.

LocationVeghel, Beilen, Wageningen, Rotterdam, Leeuwarden, Den Bosch, Rijkevoort, Ede, Borculo - The Netherlands
Year of realisation2017
CustomerFriesland Campina
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