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Het Noordbrabants Museum

Hoefnagels Fire Safety supplied and installed various fire-resistant and burglary-resistant sliding doors, in which escape doors were also placed, for Het Noordbrabants Museum in 's-Hertogenbosch. The project started with the replacement of an existing sliding door. By now, several doors in the museum have been replaced.

Compartmentation can be used to prevent a fire from spreading to other rooms. By using fire-resistant sliding doors, the museum can be divided into the necessary fire compartments. But in a museum, the central focus must be on the art. Visitors should be able to enjoy themselves to the fullest. Fire-resistant closures should therefore blend into the building as well as possible and should not detract from the character of the museum. This is a challenge because Het Noordbrabants Museum had large door openings to close. The two largest ones, approximately 8 x 3 metres and 7 x 3 metres, are now equipped with an electrically driven sliding door. These were tightly plated and coated in a colour that matches the look of the museum.

Because, in addition to fire safety, burglary protection also plays a major role in a museum, as theft is more common than fire, a sliding door that combines both functions was chosen.

Location's-Hertogenbosch - The Netherlands
Year of realisation2017
CustomerMuseum Quarter
Product used