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Our screens, rolling shutters and sliding doors

Hoefnagels Fire Safety has more to offer than the renowned Firescreen fire resistant roller screens. We have a complete range of roller shutters, sliding doors and facades.

Proven quality

Our quality is high and will remain high! The products are continuously being developed by an active and expert R&D department.

Fully certified

Fully certified Firescreen products are tested in accordance with the highest standards of fire and smoke resistance, including CE, by certified laboratories such as Efectis and Peutz. This means you can be sure that all our products will really protect you just when you need them.

Attractive price

Compared to conventional systems, the installation and maintenance cost of Firesceen® products is attractively low. In many cases, a sprinkler system is no longer necessary.

Freedom of design

The compact design and the possibility of producing casings/covers and guides in any colour provide great design freedom. The number of applications is enormous.
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Hoefnagels Fire Safety solutions have been implemented in thousands of company buildings, schools, hospitals and airports. Read our references.

How compartmentalisation works

A short video shows how compartmentalisation contributes to fire reduction.


Reliable network of business partners 

We have connections on all continents and expert partners in many European countries.