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One Way Plastics

Since One Way Plastics came up with the idea years ago to make plastic piping bags for the hospitality industry, their success has rapidly increased. It was also time to reassess fire safety. The heavy and thick sliding doors that separate the workshop and production area dated from a distant past. Because of the immense weight, the doors no longer ran as smoothly as they should, which was a danger to fire safety. New sliding doors turned out not to be the best option. Our advisers suggested the installation of Firescreen roller curtains. Their protection is just as good in the One Way Plastics situation, they are a lot lighter, and the price is considerably cheaper. That proposal was received enthusiastically. Dismantling the sliding doors under our direction — by Bergh Brandscheiding — made the choice even easier.

LocationBreda - The Netherlands
Year of realisation2020
CustomerOne Way Plastics
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